Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year 2013 everyone. We must leave our bad moments in 2012. Don't remember it again guys!!! I think you'll feel more happy if you can forget your bad moments in 2012.

Oke. What are you doing in the new year? But i just stay at home, because my daddy so lazy to go out with enjoying the road jams.

And yesterday i go to Grand Trawas Hotel to swimming. I like this place so much. It's the wide hotel that not so far from my town. And i'm so enjoy to swimming in here, just me and my brother that swim in here. HAHA, i think this is our pool :-p

Not many photos that i have after go there, because my daddy want to go home. So, i'm not satisfied to take some photos there u,u

Ah it's okay. Next week i will go to Bali. I promise if i will take many photos there, and share in here.
Okay, see ya next time readers :)