Friday, December 28, 2012

Yellow Crown

Start from here. I want to use my rest time with something more useful. I want to be a creative girl. 
Start from here, i will share some of my photos.
Start from here, i will be more active to find the object of my photos.

Based on the tittle of this blog

Yellow Crown
So, i will be show you some photo about yellow crown

It's my first collection from Bigbang. I bougt it before Alive Tour Indonesia. After I bought it, I hope can meet Bigbang in Alive Tour, but i can't, because my parents not allowed me to go Jakarta u,u

Hmm, i'm so sorry to you, because i'm the baddest fotographer. So this is the result, because i just trying to shoot something. And i need your comment about my photos.
Thankyou :)