Thursday, June 13, 2013

flower power

How are you today? i'm not okay huh, actually this month is a bad month. But yah i don't care, i'm so tired with this situation, i just pray to Allah SWT for the best. I'm strong!!!

oh ya i don't know why the title of this post is"flower power", i just remember girls generation's song, flower power too haha

Oke, last week is my cousin's wedding party in Suncity Convention Hall Sidoarjo. The best experience i think. First time for my family haha. And i got sooooo many flowers after the party. So beautiful.  I like flower so much especially rose *-*

Okee, actually still sooo many photos about flowers, but i think it's impossible if i upload all photos :"
And after the wedding party, me and my big family go to my new cousin's home. Their new home actually.
Their home is sooo big, i like their home so much <3 this is their home

how cute he is <3

Oh btw, last week i got Cotton-Ink Voucher from The Sweetest Escape . Thankyou so much for the voucher <3 finally i'm lucky!
see ya nex time ^^
Happy thursday!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hollllaaaaaaa \m/
I'm back! Finally i already followed all the test for my next senior high school. I hope i can acceptable in that school. Amin.

Aaaah actually i wanna post something, but i don't know what i post. Because i don't have any photo that i will to post. Yaaa, because i'm so bored at home, so i take some photo in my home. And i'm interesting with my park <3

ahahaha. it's random photoshoot i think.
oke, thanks for visiting for all reader <3
I still waiting your comment. See ya on the next post ^^

ps: all photos without edited

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

hol hol holiday is coming!

Hi there ^^
I'm so sorry for the slow update on my blog. Yaaaah i'm so lazy to write something lol. But today i will post some photos for my lovely readers :)))

yaaah, last week i go vacation with my big family. I'm so bored at home you know, so i invite my fam to go holiday with me. yaaah not so far from my town, but i'm happy. Actually not too happy because i still worrying about my national exam's score. Okay ignore it, i'm so afraid T_T

yah,  enjoy it dear ^^

my cousin look so serious lol

huh i don't know what i want to say, i'm so confuse lol.
See you next time ^^
oh btw, i need your comment guys. thankyou :)))

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello there!!! Are you remember me? I hope you still remember me dear :)
I'm so sorry for long time blog update less. I've been busy for school as I'm a senior year student. Actually now i had final test, but i miss my blog so much, so i take a moment to write something on this blog. I hope i got the best score for my final exam. Aaaa can't wait!!!!  I promise I will update this blog next holiday. See you soon ^^ 

oh, i just wanna upload some photos, but i'm sorry for the bad resolution of my photos because i just try not so serious to take it. Enjoy it ;)

This is Edelweiss flower. I bought this flower when i'm at Telaga Sarangan. It's unique flower, so i wanna buy it, and this flower look like fake flower because this flower still like this until 100 years maybe. Perennial flower <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year 2013 everyone. We must leave our bad moments in 2012. Don't remember it again guys!!! I think you'll feel more happy if you can forget your bad moments in 2012.

Oke. What are you doing in the new year? But i just stay at home, because my daddy so lazy to go out with enjoying the road jams.

And yesterday i go to Grand Trawas Hotel to swimming. I like this place so much. It's the wide hotel that not so far from my town. And i'm so enjoy to swimming in here, just me and my brother that swim in here. HAHA, i think this is our pool :-p

Not many photos that i have after go there, because my daddy want to go home. So, i'm not satisfied to take some photos there u,u

Ah it's okay. Next week i will go to Bali. I promise if i will take many photos there, and share in here.
Okay, see ya next time readers :)