Thursday, June 13, 2013

flower power

How are you today? i'm not okay huh, actually this month is a bad month. But yah i don't care, i'm so tired with this situation, i just pray to Allah SWT for the best. I'm strong!!!

oh ya i don't know why the title of this post is"flower power", i just remember girls generation's song, flower power too haha

Oke, last week is my cousin's wedding party in Suncity Convention Hall Sidoarjo. The best experience i think. First time for my family haha. And i got sooooo many flowers after the party. So beautiful.  I like flower so much especially rose *-*

Okee, actually still sooo many photos about flowers, but i think it's impossible if i upload all photos :"
And after the wedding party, me and my big family go to my new cousin's home. Their new home actually.
Their home is sooo big, i like their home so much <3 this is their home

how cute he is <3

Oh btw, last week i got Cotton-Ink Voucher from The Sweetest Escape . Thankyou so much for the voucher <3 finally i'm lucky!
see ya nex time ^^
Happy thursday!!!