Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello there!!! Are you remember me? I hope you still remember me dear :)
I'm so sorry for long time blog update less. I've been busy for school as I'm a senior year student. Actually now i had final test, but i miss my blog so much, so i take a moment to write something on this blog. I hope i got the best score for my final exam. Aaaa can't wait!!!!  I promise I will update this blog next holiday. See you soon ^^ 

oh, i just wanna upload some photos, but i'm sorry for the bad resolution of my photos because i just try not so serious to take it. Enjoy it ;)

This is Edelweiss flower. I bought this flower when i'm at Telaga Sarangan. It's unique flower, so i wanna buy it, and this flower look like fake flower because this flower still like this until 100 years maybe. Perennial flower <3