Wednesday, May 15, 2013

hol hol holiday is coming!

Hi there ^^
I'm so sorry for the slow update on my blog. Yaaaah i'm so lazy to write something lol. But today i will post some photos for my lovely readers :)))

yaaah, last week i go vacation with my big family. I'm so bored at home you know, so i invite my fam to go holiday with me. yaaah not so far from my town, but i'm happy. Actually not too happy because i still worrying about my national exam's score. Okay ignore it, i'm so afraid T_T

yah,  enjoy it dear ^^

my cousin look so serious lol

huh i don't know what i want to say, i'm so confuse lol.
See you next time ^^
oh btw, i need your comment guys. thankyou :)))


  1. nemo nya lucuuuuu :33333 nice shoot del!

    1. banget nad lucunya, makasi yaaaa ^^

  2. nice shoot kak. ini dimana? hehe :$

    1. Makasi yaaa ^^ ini di secret zoo, batu-malang :)